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5 Of the Most Energetic Live Slipknot Moments

The moment Slipknot hit the stage major shit goes off. They’re undoubtedly one of the most energetic forces on stage in music today and here’s a list of 5 times they blew the absolute shit out of that stage.

The Blister Exists, Big Day Out Australia, 2005

Definitely miss Corey’s hair for this very reason. Something about 9 band members all head banging really gives a video pure energy.

Eyeless, Download Festival UK, 2009

The UK and Slipknot mix like a nuclear chemical reaction. Shit goes off, end of.

(sic), Gods Of Metal, 1999

Everything was new to the band in these days, they were on a major high bringing out some of the most energetic Slipknot moments ever.

People = Shit, Summer Sonic Japan, 2001

Is it the jet lag or what? Something definitely brought out every single member of the band’s aggression and energy that day and Corey’s voice was sharper than a f*cking toothpick.

(sic), Sonisphere UK, 2011

The UK always brings out the best in the ‘Knot. Corey seems to go off in this and he’s certainly joined by the rest of the band. Pure energy. Something about that intro, you can feel the band waiting like a ticking time bomb.


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