Jim Root Reveals He Recorded Bass for Some Tracks on ‘.5 The Gray Chapter’

Jim Root, #4, revealed to Music Radar that he took up double duty and recorded bass for several tracks on the new album, ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’.

Did either of you guys play the main basslines on the new record?

“I played bass on six, maybe seven tracks. I can’t even remember which; I’d have to sit down with the guy who played bass on the other tracks to find out.

“Some of the lines were taken from the demo versions that I recorded in my garage, because they were moody, and had a unique vibe that was too hard to recreate. Goodbye uses the full bassline that Corey recorded for his demo.”

Was it always your intention to play bass on the record?

“I was prepared to do it if it had to be done, but I didn’t want to do it. Both the band members and, according to management, our fans, wanted to see somebody in there.

“No one will ever replace Paul, and Paul will always be a part of what we’re doing. But for me, if we’re going to have a guy onstage – which I’m not sure if we will yet, but most likely we will – then it should be all or nothing.

“There was a speck of me that out of respect for Paul didn’t want somebody new to play everything. But at the same time, if we’re moving on in this way, why hold on to things? I also didn’t want to play bass because of the workload. I was already writing most of the songs, so that’s a lot of playing, arranging and layering just for guitar.”


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